The Central Laser Facility

"Test Beam of the Pierre Auger Southern Observatory"

The Central Laser Facility


Introduction -- a simple description to the CLF

Deployment -- diagrams of CLF configuration during deployment stages

Embedded Linux PC used on the CLF


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clf overview

picture photo of steering head clf photo at sunset

clf optical table CLF PC clf battery bank


Item Description Updated daily?
CLF Activity Plots showing the every-day CLF activity and the CLF alignment stability by reconstructing the CLF data Yes
SD/FD time offset estimated using the CLF Every and average (per run) time offset between Celeste and the FD stations Yes
Data Tarballs of nightly ascii files generated at the CLF Yes
VAOD Plots of Vertical Aerosol Optical Depth measurements from Fluorescence Detectors, by day No
Emon Plots Daily plots showing CLF probe energies Yes
VT Plots Daily plots showing CLF temperatures, voltages Yes
Cloud Plots Daily plots of cloud detector measurements Yes
Time machine New Mar 19 2006: Case Western "Time Machine" installed at CLF on Q-switch (contact Corbin Covault: Yes

Configuration of the CLF as it was installed in stages

(more photos) 7/03-Install | 9/03-Fiber | 8/04-Work-Trip

(click on image for larger version)

CLF July 2003 clf sept 2003 clf nov 2003 clf March 2004 clf aug 2004 clf march 31 2005

Suppliers of major components in the CLF

Frequency Tripled YAG Laser Big Sky Lasers
Energy probes and radiometers Laser Probe Inc.
5 watt 12 serial port PC Technologic Systems
Optics CVI and Newport
Optomechanics Thorlabs and New Focus Inc